mailing list

An address list guarantees accurately targeting and reaching your ideal audience with your mailing. Whether this list is provided by you or aided in creation by us it can offer a fully customizable means of reaching your desired audience through your mailing campaign. Targeting households that are tailored to your market has been made easy with an address list. Whether you plan to target households of certain value, houses with pools, or any other select group, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your message will be received by the correct households.

If you are providing your own mailing list, through the use of USPS approved software, we are able to increase both the efficiency and profitability of your mailing campaign by removing undeliverable or vacant addresses without losing households that can be reached. The address list we can help to create is a package service that can certainly deliver higher response rates for a lower mailing price.

Presorting is the most efficient way to obtain the lowest postage rate possible for your mailing. This is achieved by our partnering with presort specialists. We work together to CASS certify your mailing list. CASS certification software matches entries in your address list with those in the USPS national database to verify that your addresses are correct and deliverable. This level of certification will save you approximately five cents on postage costs for each piece of mail. By partaking in presort services, you avoid paying the standard postage rate, and allows mail carriers to deliver your mailing as efficiently as possible.

NCOA- Over 40 million Americans move each year, causing at least 8% of all mail to be sent to old addresses and making it difficult to maintain an accurate mailing list. National Change Of Address (NCOA) processing identifies and corrects the addresses of individuals and businesses that have relocated.

By implementing CASS and NCOA technology, we can ensure that you have an accurate mailing list, and that your postage rates are as low as possible. Sending mail to undeliverable or inaccurate addresses wastes time and money. The solution to this issue is to contact Metroplex Mail and trust us to provide you with an accurate mailing list using presort services.