Direct Mail

  • Postcards- A versatile, affordable marketing tool that allows for plenty of creative freedom. Postcards make it easy to track the success of your mailing, and are ideal for testing a customer’s response to a campaign.
  • Envelope mailing- A classic, simple medium that suits a wide variety of mailing needs. We can provide your envelopes, or you can provide them yourself.
  • Self-mailer- These are easily accessible pieces that are not contained in an envelope. Normally a folded flyer or brochure and sealed using a tab, a self-mailer is ideal for a project intended to quickly and easily provide information to your customer.
  • Flyers and Brochures- A flyer or brochure will allow you the space to effectively communicate information to your customers, while providing you with creative freedom to include informative graphics and images to better convey your message.
  • EDDM is designed for individuals or companies who are interested in sending their mail to every household in a specified area.  This can be done by choosing a specific zip code or postal carriers route and sending to every address.  A mailing list is not required for EDDM mailings.  EDDM is limited to flat size mail pieces which means that your mail piece design must be either larger than 6 1/8 inches high or more than 11 ½ inches long. Once you choose the areas you’re interested in mailing to we can help you sort the mail according to the USPS guidelines, enter the mail at the post office for verification and deliver it to the appropriate post office for delivery.